The founding family


The first business of the "Familie Wiesner Gastronomie" was founded in 1991 by Fredy and Anita Wiesner. Their aim was to take their guests on a special culinary journey of experience with unconventional ideas and to amaze them.

2nd generation

Fredy and Anita have handed over the management of the company to their two sons in 2020 and are available to them with advice and support. Daniel and Manuel now continue the down-to-earth family business as co-managers. Always convinced that good experiences in good company are important and make people happy. Together they formed a defensive wall in their twenties, notorious in the Zurich Oberland, as right and left defenders over several football seasons. Even then they were a strong team.


Fredy Wiesner is the jack-of-all-trades, who was one of the pioneers in the 90s as a career changer with innovative concepts to change the Zurich gastronomic landscape for the long term. His gastronomic history, however, started early. Since the 1970s, Fredy had been deeply involved with the gastronomy in England as a pub barman. And shortly afterwards he had his first independent up and down gastronomic experience as the operator of a Russian pub in Münster (Germany). Not intimidated, he threw himself into the roaring Swiss gastronomy world in 1991 with his first own brand of sandwich, "Café Sandwich".

This was later followed by various take-aways such as the Mexican concept "La Salsa" and "Joey's oven-fresh pretzel & frozen yoghurt" in the Zurich area. In 1997 the first Australian restaurant and bar "Outback Lodge" followed in Zurich, Winterthur and Uster.

Of course this was not enough for Fredy. Worldwide travels inspired him again and again for new experiments, which he transferred to the Swiss market. In 2004 he founded the Asian chain "Nooch Asian Kitchen", in 2006 the Sushi chain "Negishi Sushi Bar", in 2007 the South African "Mama Africa" and "Mama Chicken". With two discotheques, he also ventured into nightlife for over 10 years and in 2015 he made his last big coup: the Peruvian "Papa Ceviche" was born and the burger chain "The Butcher" conquered German-speaking Switzerland. Since January 2020, he has withdrawn from the operational business. He is still Chairman of the Board of Directors. His new passion is now for nature-oriented projects such as planting vegetables in his own garden, picking mushrooms and refining meat, as well as acquiring knowledge about electrosmog, earth radiation and water veins.

As a protective patron and forward thinker, he has set a milestone for the company. His wife Anita, who was married in 1982, was always there to support him. Together they have the two sons Daniel and Manuel.


Anita Wiesner is the protecting hand behind the Wiesner family. As Fredy's assistant from the beginning and the person with the important advice, she has always helped set the course of the family business. Day and night she stood by Fredy's side and helped to build a flourishing business from scratch.

Anita spent her time not only in the office in front of the computer, but also stroked sandwiches with Fredy in the early hours of the morning and spent countless hours at the cash desks in the various take-aways. Her cooking skills helped to ensure that the new recipes were always first developed in her own kitchen and served to all private guests for test meals.

Anita wouldn't be herself if she hadn't also built up her own business alongside the catering company. She has been working as a body therapist since the beginning of the 1990s and has been running her own practice "Body-in-balance" with a focus on atlasology and massages in Gutenswil ZH since 2009. She has no longer been active in the gastronomic family business since 2019, but is still available in an advisory capacity. When she is not whirling around, she spends her time as a proud grandmother with her grandson Gian.


Daniel Wiesner likes it when a restaurant looks more unconventional than normal and also provokes once in a while. As a child he tried his hand at washing dishes in the family business first and later as a barbecue man at a sausage and kebab stand and as a pretzel salesman.

His business studies at the University of Zurich helped him to work in marketing as well as in accounting in the catering company in the mid-2000s. A two-year trip around the world then gave him the right kick. So in 2009 he completely integrated himself into the family business and continues Fredy's work in concept development with unconventional ideas. Since January 2020, he has been managing the catering company together with his brother Manuel as Co-Managing Director.

Daniel lives in the city of Zurich and, thanks to the joy of travelling, is always on the lookout for ideas all over the world.


Manuel Wiesner is the quiet thinker in the background, who gets his kicks as a bike courier in his spare time. He too grew up in the dish washing areas of the restaurants and head-computing while selling pretzels and ice-cream together with Daniel. He had made the right decision for him to gain additional experience outside the family business.

Manuel did a commercial apprenticeship in the early 2000s and then trained as a trustee. After a number of positions in the fiduciary industry, he returned to the family business in 2013. With his accumulated knowledge as well as his drive for innovation, he helped to turn the entire support office at the headquarters in Dübendorf upside down and build it up sustainably for the future. He has also been Co-Managing Director since January 2020 and can be met time and again on Zurich's streets at his own bike courier service. His greatest fear is not the motorists, but that his brother Daniel will go and check his bike courier rating.

Manuel lives in Volketswil and is married to Nadine. Together with their son Gian, they discover the world through the eyes of children.


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