Social commitment
Social commitment is important to us. Therefore we support several charity projects. Every Swiss Frank counts. Thank you for your help.
CHF collected donations by March 2019

Foundation Smiling Gecko

To help needy children and families in Cambodia, the Foundation Smiling Gecko pursues a very impressive and integral approach that enables and promotes a self-determined life in rural areas.

School & education, agriculture, crafts, tourism, industry and commerce are the six pillars of the project. The projects are designed in a way that they can finance themselves and as well as the cost of schools and the education of children. This creates an exemplary model of a functioning, rural community that provides people with education, decent work and a sustainable income.

From spring 2018, 50 cents will be donated to the Smiling Gecko Foundation with every sale of a Nooch Special. The Foundation attaches great importance to every donation being used locally where it’s needed. With a purchase of a Nooch Special, the donation goes directly and without detours to the children and families in Cambodia.


Foundation Wunderlampe

Together with the Foundation Wunderlampe we collect to fulfill heart wishes of seriously ill or handicapped children and adolescents.

Severe or long-term sick and disabled children and adolescents live in a world characterized by many hospitals stays, surgeries, disclaimers and restrictions. In this difficult and often sad everyday life, the Foundation Wunderlampe creates a moment of joy with a wonderful unforgettable experience.

A heart's desire comes true: As individual as the fate of every single child, the Foundation Wunderlampe takes care of the fulfillment of every single wish in the experience area personally and full of empathy.

Thanks to our dear guests we collected CHF 7,000.00 to the benefit of the Foundation Wunderlampe!

KinderSPITEX Schweiz - Projekt Hängematte

Eltern mit behinderten Kindern leisten oft Jahre lang einen enormen Einsatz, damit die Kinder zu Hause in der Familie aufwachsen können. Um die ganze Familie zu unterstützen und einer Überforderung vorzubeugen, bietet die Hängematte Erholungsplätze für behinderte oder kranke Säuglinge und Kinder an. Dank dieser Entlastung erhalten die Eltern und Geschwister die dringend notwendigen Freiräume zum Schöpfen neuer Energie, um sich gestärkt wieder dem Kind widmen zu können.

Mit unserem aktuellen Nooch Special "Asian Fusion Tacos" unterstützen wir das ProjektHängematte. Mit jedem verkauften Gericht spenden wir 50 Rappen ohne Umwege an die bedürftigen Familien. Du hast auch die Möglichkeit den Familien direkt über unsere Homepage zu helfen. Wir danken dir für deine Unterstützung.

Tabea's Delphintraum

On May 9, 1998, Tabea was born. After a severe pregnancy poisoning, she had to be "fetched" in the 31st week by caesarean. Tabea was 39 cm long and had a weight of only 1130 grams. Especially during her first weeks and months she had to deal with various health risks and problems.

Tabea now has the chance to get another therapy spot on Curacao. The only problem is the financing! A dolphin therapy takes 2 weeks and costs currently approx. 14'400 CHF. We help to realize Tabea's dream. With every sold Jubilee Roll for the 10th anniversary of Negishi Sushi Bar to 8 pcs. we donate CHF 2.-, with 4 pcs. CHF 1.- without detours to Tabea.

TARGET Rüdiger Nehber

TARGET is a human rights organisation founded in 2000 by Rüdiger Nehberg. It is non-profit making and specifically works in situ with the populations directly concerned. It has adopted a single combat approach. Its main purpose is specific, in-situ action against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). TARGET manages a mobile field hospital for the Afar people in Ethiopia, has sponsored two Afar girls and has set up a sewing workers’ project in Mauritania for women circumcisers who now find themselves unemployed. Another project supports a hospital for the Waiapí Indians in the Brazilian rain forest.

Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe

The Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe Foundation brings joy and variety to the lives of children and adolescents up to the age of 18 who live with a disease, disability, or the consequences of a serious injury. Since 1993, the Foundation has been fulfilling the heart's desires of children and financed star projects for institutions. In addition, the Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe Freizeitsterne offers leisure activities for families with concerned children and for organizations which care for them or who are committed to their interests and needs.

Stiftung Denk an mich

The purpose of the Foundation Denk an mich is to provide persons with diseases and disabilities living in Switzerland, their relatives and accompanying persons, holidays and recreational stays by its own donations or by financial support of other institutions and organizations.


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