Outback Lodge
The other end of the world for us Europeans is Australia with its infinite expanse. This country, which came to our consciousness only 200 years ago as an English convict colony, has so much to offer, fascinates and draws us into its spell. Today, more and more people can realize the dream of a holiday trip to the Downunder. A journey into freedom and adventure, under an infinite sky, amidst overwhelming landscapes.

We have been infected by the Aussie virus so we went back to the roods. That is why the basic pillar of our idea is to provide our guests with a sense of life and content, to offer them an anchor, to be an oasis and a gas station for new energy and joy of life.

All the many home-sick Australians and Aussie friends meet regularly at the Outback Lodge - Australian Bar & Food House with the real Aussie feeling in Zurich or Winterthur.

Zürich Stadelhofen


Fredy Wiesner Gastronomie AG

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